About CloudFire Hosting

Our Story

CloudFire Hosting was founded on the premise that better solutions make for a happier customers, creating a better company. Originally founded in 2012, David McKim (the founder) began dedicating his time to creating a better cloud hosting solution.

One of the things that makes CloudFire unique is the influence that goes into crafting the hosting platform and the customer experience. David started out as a Joomla and WordPress web developer, having to work with a variety of different hosting companies.

Over time, the same problems kept presenting themselves: most of the hosting companies used by people he knew made their customers jump through unnecessary hoops to do simple things. Slow and difficult control panels, buggy features and being given the runaround by support seemed to be the average. There was only one conclusion to these experiences: build a better mousetrap.

Today, CloudFire Hosting exists to give you the best experience possible, with a support philosophy focused on solutions - and making life easier for our customers.

Support Philosophy

In the hosting industry when a customer has a problem, they usually submit a support ticket. But then what happens? Well, in many cases support teams are trained and instructed to get through as many tickets in a day as possible. Their website advertises record response times. But what is the value of a response? Is a problem solved because someone said “hello there”?

We don’t believe so. Our support philosophy takes a different approach. When our technicians are presented with a problem, they are encouraged and trained to provide the best solution for that problem without adding further burden to the customer. That means being proactive and communicating to understand what the customer needs very clearly and getting permission to implement the right solution without playing ticket tag.

Our team embodies the virtue of being honest and taking care of the issue the right way, the first time, every time.

Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to giving you the best doesn’t stop with our support philosophy. The digital age moves forward every day, and as a service provider our obligation to you is to stay on top of the latest changes and developments in hosting technology.

Our entire product, from the cloud platform to the network to the methodology of supporting it utilizes not only the best practices available - but some of the most powerful and resilient server and network technologies on the market. Our platform is designed to provide you with excellent performance, high availability and extreme reliability.