Network Specifics

What makes CloudFire’s network unique?

Our network includes eight exceptional bandwidth providers being sent through two diverse points to our secure datacenter, our 100% uptime network provides the performance and trustworthiness that you deserve for your hosting infrastructure. Redundant Juniper MX and Cisco 6800 series routers guide traffic over our private DWDM fiber optic network, transporting it to your servers on Cisco’s 6500 series switching platform. Adittionally, a partnership with Internap provides maximum routing efficiency that lowers network latency by up to 50%.

How does Internap give CloudFire an advantage?

Typical networks are managed using BGP, a protocol that works to improve network performance by measuring the distance (number of hops) between the computer and the server that it's accessing. The shortest distance between two points is not always the fastest. Utilizing Internap’s FCP-10Gx routing optimization appliance, every path out from our network is constantly watched for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion. This method of routing optimization ensures maximum network performance:

  • Continuously monitors every outbound route for latency, packet loss, route stability, and congestion
  • Automatically detours traffic around major network outages
  • Manages network issues such as IP network brownouts
  • Proactively identifies and chooses the best path at all times